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Creative Networking, NYU / ITP, course by Burak Arikan, [email protected]

Introduction to network theory for artists, at


"This course is an introduction to complex networks within the context of the arts. It focuses on understanding the structure and dynamics of large-scale networks and expanding the individual’s thinking about the network as a creative medium. Emphasis will be on network topology, network modeling, creative protocol authoring, and information design. In addition to discussing ideas related to designing networks, the class focuses on developing the skills required for implementing networked systems. Students will start from drawing simple diagrams and gradually build running complex networks. Each student will learn and develop critical thinking about networks most through creating many examples of networked systems and through collaboration on protocol authoring.

There are nine problem sets and a final project. In addition, there will be weekly reading assignments supported by discussions in class. Exercises range from hand drawings to programming networked systems.

The course has 2 phases: Network Structure and Network Dynamics. The first phase focuses on networks as static entities. It is based on the Graph Theory and concerned with the structure. The second phase focuses on the processes taking place in the networks. It is concerned with time, interaction, and multiple characteristics of the elements." (