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= Experiment non-commercial license used in a BBC experiment.



"The BBC, the bfi, Channel 4 and the Open University set up the Creative Archive Licence Group to make their archive content available for download under the terms of the Creative Archive Licence - a single, shared user licence scheme for the downloading of moving images, audio and stills. If you wish to share, watch, listen and re-use this content as a fuel for your own creative endeavours you must comply with the terms and conditions as set out in the Creative Archive Licence. For example, you must agree that you will only use the material for non-commercial purposes." (


"1. Non-commercial

This means that you may use the Creative Archive content for your own personal use and for not-for-profit educational use but you can't sell or profit financially in any way from the use of the Creative Archive content.

2. Share-Alike

This means that the Creative Archive content is granted to you under the terms set out in the Licence and if you wish to use the content you must then licence anything you create or produce using the Creative Archive content (i.e a Derivative Work) under the same Licence. It's simple!

3. Crediting (Attribution)

It's your chance to make sure everyone knows what you've done, but you ALSO need to make sure that everyone who has contributed to a piece of content (a Derivative Work) is credited too. It's up to you how creatively you acknowledge others' contributions!

4. No Endorsement and No derogatory use

The Creative Archive content is provided to allow you to get creative with content, not for campaigning, soapboxing or to defame others! So don't use it to promote political, charitable, or other campaigning purposes and remember to treat others and their work in the way that you'd expect them to treat you and your work...with respect!

5. UK

The Creative Archive content is made available to broadband users within the UK for use primarily within the UK." (