Copyright-Based Licenses

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David Bollier:

"Licensed based on Copyright ownership of a work have a long and respected history in digital spaces. The most notable licenses are probably the General Public License that enables countless free software (especially Linux) to remain freely usable by anyone; and the Creative Commons licenses, created in 2003, which are used in an estimated 85 million digital works around the world. To deal with the corporate appropriation of work from open platforms, the P2P Foundation, working with Dmytri Kleiner, are seriously exploring the idea of “commons-based reciprocity licenses.” These licenses would allow no-cost sharing among members of a commons, but require payment by any commercial users of the community’s work. Unlike the Creative Commons NonCommercial License, which absolutely stops commercial development of a line of information or creative work, the CopyFair License would allow commercialization, but on the basis of mandatory (monetized) reciprocity."