Cooperative Fermentation

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= Cooperative Fermentation’s mission is to democraticize our food system through creating cooperatives in food and farming. [1]



"Cooperative Fermentation seeks to accelerate the growth of cooperatives. Much like the helpful bacteria that ferments ordinary cabbage into delicious kraut, our work will bring communities together to create new projects that meet the needs of the people. Creating jobs, providing food, increasing economic security, building community and fermenting inspiration for Maine.

We offer workshops, consulting, and facilitation work to aid the growth of the cooperative movement. We are focused on supporting worker and producer cooperatives and spreading this model into more Maine communities.

Cooperative Fermentation was founded by Jonah Fertig and is incubating with the Resilience Hub in Portland, Maine and is collaborating with and supported by the Cooperative Development Institute. These two organizations will be helping to guide the work of Cooperative Fermentation and will be providing organizational capacity, connections, office space, fiscal sponsorship and resources to further the development of cooperatives in the Maine food system."