Cooperative Ecosystem in Wales

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Via Adrian Roper:

  1. Coproduction Network for Wales,
  2. a Wales Cooperative Centre-led "Care To Cooperative" support team (and growing coop housing sector),
  3. a Coops and Mutuals Wales-led "Cooperative Education" strategy,
  4. a Mutuals Alliance-led "Building a Cooperative Country" movement,
  5. Welsh Government and third sector partnership initiatives for open government and citizen participation,
  6. a Public Bank for Wales Action Group seeking to reduce dependence on private banking finance for public investment,
  7. Vanguard-led support for a user-centred Systems Thinking analysis of public services,
  8. a Future Generations Commissioner promoting sustainable development,
  9. a Social Services Act that promotes democratic member control, coproduction and social value

(email, August 2017)