Contributory Accounting Mechanisms in Blockchain Communities

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Token Engineering Commons

An example of a contributory accounting mechanisms in a blockchain community, the Token Engineering Commons project:

"Rewarding Contributions & Incentive Alignment:

A rewards process has been developed with a few steps to incentivize early stage contributions in the TE Commons:

  • Praise is dished by multiple members of the community for every contribution.
  • Every two weeks, two Community Stewards, currently Livia and Griff, go through the Praise spreadsheet, and quantify every praised action into an estimate of Impact Hours based on this tier system.
  • The sum of the impact hours that each contributor has by the end of the Hatch will be rewarded accordingly, with a percentage of TEC tokens. The exact amount will be based on how successful the TE Commons launch is. Each Impact Hour will be equivalent to $20-$200+ worth of TE Commons tokens. The model is still being drafted but you can visualize an example version of it here: TE Commons Cultural Build Tribute Exploration.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that the Hatch will be successful and the TECommons will have enough initial fundraising. In this case, impact hours won’t be financially rewarded."