Consumer-Supported Agriculture

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Judith Hitchman:

"The fundamental issue is the cheap prices dictated by unsustainalbe agribusiness that have made farming unprofitable for most. This model is based on chemical inputs, undocumented labour with people working in unacceptable conditions, and producers who fail to make ends meet. The principle of Community Supported Agriculture, where the annual amount agreed between producer and consumers is based on what the producer needs to be profitable, cover health insurance and investments etc is built on a sustainable model that works for the producer and consumers. Because there is a direct chain from produces to consumers, prices are affordable, and in many cases there is a sliding scale of payments that allows the socially excluded to pay a lower amount. And as CSA uses low-impact organic farming methods, it is totally sustainable. Additionally, it is a local production-consumption model, thereby avoiding food miles and "climatarian" diet Little or no packaging is involved, further promoting a climate-friendly approach." (fb, January 2015)