Connect the Dots

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= project of the Sao Paolo Municipaity (city prefecture) to provide healthy organic school meals from family farms to school children


"Designing value chains in the city is about connecting the dots. Value chains may be a key to understanding the impacts of economic flows in the territory, allowing a fertile field for design in the contemporary city. Within the context of a necessary revision of the role of cities in a national development project, local governments must seek new ways to establish inclusive policies connecting economic, social, and spatial dimensions.

This publication presents one of the integrated strategies undertaken by the Municipality of São Paulo within the framework of the “Borders of City”, one of the territorial articulations defined in the 2013-2016 Administration Program. The strategy lies in strengthening the value chain of organic and family farming in the city of São Paulo, made possible through the joint work of several secretariats. The arrangement that sets the connections among multiple initiatives is precisely the value chain, organized from food production to food consumption. " (