Community Pools

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Timothy Moore:

"Scarce public funding has often pushed the delivery of community infrastructure towards collaboration between community, government and private sectors. In this relationship, if one wants to shift the behaviour of local government – at the very least, to get a pool built – one needs to engage with government rules, regulations and organisational culture from the outset.

A community project to create a pool with the input of individuals and organisations shifts the role of the public. They go from being a passive agent, which is consulted at the beginning of the design process, to a potentially ongoing and active participant – or collaborator – in the continuing life of buildings and cities.

This model can also hold governments and private stakeholders to account in the area of project delivery while building trust by opening up the often opaque processes of urban development.

The building of a pool can be part of a larger project of building new civic institutions and networks that fall somewhere between market, state and civil society." (