Community Data as a Legal Concept

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Parminder Jeet Singh:

"the idea of 'community data' to stress a collective approach to data as an economic resource. This concept is now in India's draft e-commerce policy [1] and part of a important data law committee report. Last week, the Indian government set up a special committee just to examine the question of non-personal community data, in its economic implications. South Africa has also taken up data ownership issues, and some other developing countries are considering it.

UNCTAD's flagship Digital Economy Report, released earlier this month, includes the concept of community data, and defines it, insisting that collective approaches to data as an economic resource are required, It also observes that collective data ownership loses any meaning in a complete free global flow of data regime... These are very progressive notions gaining mainstream traction.... The German Social Democratic Party is proposing a 'data for all' data sharing regime."

More information

  • Report: A Free and Fair Digital Economy: Protecting Privacy, Empowering Indians. Committee of Experts under the Chairmanship of Justice B.N. Srikrishna [2]