Community Currencies in Action

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"The Community Currencies in Action project (CCIA) is a transnational partnership working to develop and deliver community currency demonstrations in several member states across the North West of Europe. Community currencies can be designed and executed in a number of different ways; they can take the form of reward programmes, credit card schemes savings accounts or even traditional banking products. CCIA will lead the way in sharing knowledge and best practice to enable communities throughout Europe to grow stronger in their ability to achieve vibrant and prosperous networks that are efficient from social, economical and environmental perspectives.

Community currencies (CCs) have long since been utilised as an answer to local problems in communities all over the world, and thanks to advances in technology and a massive increase in the awareness of the need to form sustainable communities, the CCIA project can take the initiative and utilise leading experts in the field to design, deliver and evaluate the success of several CC pilots. These will ultimately provide precedent and a toolkit for the implementation of CCs by businesses and communities.

Part funded through INTERREG NWE IVB (ERDF), CCIA will design, develop and implement community currencies across NW Europe; providing a rigorously tested package of support structures serving CC-practitioners and the general public. Knowledge transfer across the partnership will drive the innovative development of a centralised, formalised and empirically driven set of tools that can be picked up and used by various governmental and non-governmental actors at a community level, and that provides a rigorously tested package of support structures to facilitate the development of CCs across NWE and promote CCs as a credible vehicle for achieving positive outcomes." (