Communitism - Athens, Greece

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GeCo Living Lab:

"Communitism is a self-funded sociο-cultural project, organized in Athens in 2015. It aims at mobilizing social structures into reactivating abandoned buildings of cultural heritage. It is structured in three consecutive events that are designed to involve three broader communities: creative audience, local artists and international artists. To achieve this, they have formed a dynamic community consisting of people of different personalities, nationalities, ages, educational levels and orientations. At this time, they have been granted the use of a building in downtown Athens, which acts as a field of action for their purposes. As they connect, form synergies and learn how to work collectively, they have created the conditions for the building to become a common good: a vibrant center where the involved parties can communicate their social and artistic actions. Their experiment succeeded and, in the spring of 2018, they set up a strategy for founding a self-organized socio-cultural center. At a broader level, they are envisioning the creation of a new model for the activation of abandoned spaces that other communities can use, thus contributing to a new approach of the commons." (