Communal Work

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From the Wikipedia:

"Communal work is when a gathering takes place to accomplish a task or to hold a competition. A number of cultures have such gatherings, often for the purpose of holding a competition, as in a spelling bee, or for providing manual labour, as in a barn raising.

Especially in the past, the tasks were often major jobs, such as clearing a field of timber or raising a barn, that would be difficult to carry out alone. It was often both a social and utilitarian event. Jobs like corn husking or sewing, could be done as a group to allow socializing during an otherwise tedious chore. Such gatherings often included refreshments and entertainment provided by the group. Different words have been used to describe such gatherings."

Directory of Terms

  1. Gadugi
  2. Meitheal
  3. Talkoot
  4. Dugnad
  5. Minga
  6. Naffir
  7. Gotong-royong
  8. Bayanihan
  9. Imece
  10. Harambee