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Elsie (the Commoner): “Originating in Scotland, Common Good Food helps communities build towards food commons right where they live, whether it's training in new skills when they're taking their first steps, or helping to make connections between already established projects so they can collaboratively start to make a meaningful contribution to the diet of the people who live nearby.”

Mags Hall et al. : “Common Good Food is a practical advocate of food sovereignty in Scotland. We believe that everyone has “the right to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and the right to define their own food and agriculture systems”. Our work is to support communities across the country to take control of the food system by running practical programmes: teaching skills, creating resources, and celebrating the culture of good food in Scotland. People’s wellbeing, their sense of community, their health and quality of life are directly connected to their relationship with food. We want to demonstrate that with the right support, communities can become more than just consumers: they can develop the capacity to grow their own food and begin to create and participate in the food commons. We believe that everyone should have access to and take care of a shared resource, held in common, that nurtures our innate capacity to feed ourselves, our wider community and to look after the land that sustains us.”
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