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= "A radical institute for critical education".



"Common clouds shares the initial goals of conventional education: facilitating high-quality learning (training and research) and making this as accessible as possible. However, the aim and conviction of Critical Common clouds is doing this better by conceiving and organizing new modes of education inspired by values of peer-to-peer culture and related practices: open, collaborative, integral and ethics-based.

Critical Common clouds is using a method that is based on strategies and tactics of commons critique-based peer-production, practice-based art education and the conceptual design fields of critical design and speculative design.

Critical Common clouds starts from both a clear contempt as well as a profound belief in higher arts education. In order to transform this field, Critical Common clouds is continuously searching to exploit institutional cracks and voids where the inherent creative and productive, practice-based and reflexive, critical and experimental space of higher arts education can be re-activated.

Critical Common clouds is a school. A radical institute for critical common education by means of and focusing on: peer-production and open cooperativism; technological and new media literacy; integral education; and critical design. The school is both an educational and design experiment and explicitly focuses on a real-world impact through practice-based research activities and co-creation."