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The benefits of using multi-category search

Our knowledge commons, i.e. this wiki at, contains more than 20,000 articles on all topics concerning the emergence of peer production and peer to peer relational dynamics.

We are using the same software tool as the Wikipedia, i.e the MediaWiki.

If you look at our main page, you see three columns:

  • the middle column is organized by topics
  • the right-side column is organized by format
  • below you also find an organization of our material by country and language.

Thus we suggest the following strategy:

1. choose your topic

The topic takes the following form: Category:NameOfTopic for example Category:Urbanism

2. choose your media format

The format takes the following form: Category:NameOfMediaFormat, for example, our videos are listed under Category:Webcasts

3. choose your country or language

The country formats take the form Category:Countryname, for example, our material on the UK takes the form Category:UK