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= a one-week residential workshop at Schumacher college on Collapsonomics April 30 – May 4, 2012, by Vinay Gupta and Dougald Hine


See also Vinay Gupta's post -


Vinay Gupta:

"There will be three main areas that I’ll be focussing on, and I’ll take the risk of speaking for Dougald a little on this too. The first is modelling our critical infrastructure and supply chains – really seeing the water and the power and the food supply as systems, and understanding our personal technical and emotional relationships with them. Then there’s the social side of the economy (Dougald’s models of the social functions of money, and the transformation in society and wealth from the 15th or 17th century onwards.) Finally, the acceptance of loss and inevitable change as the price of not living with our heads in the sand, waiting for the end – rather, a continuous engagement with the rough seas of life, a falling-with the processes, rather than a harsh resistance to change. The idea is to teach you models which reflect the practicalities of life in an engineering sense, and the historic and cultural realities of the way people live to allow you do your own analysis of situations as they change and unfold around you." (

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