Collaborative Planning

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See: Collaborative Rationality for Public Policy


Kaj Voetmann:

Categories of Planning Practices

"In The Handboook of Change 2nd ed. Peggy Holman, Tom Devane and Steve Cady identifies different categories of colaborative planning practices:

1. Innovation methods that breaks out of the present worldview and begin to build something new

2. Improvement methods that improve the practice inside the present worldview

3. Re-structuring methods that focus on chaing the structures, which is usually a large part of category 1 and a small part of category 2

4. Multi-purpose change methods that can be applied for all the first three categories if they are adjusted to the purpose

5. Support methods that can be used to enhance the other methods

The Change Handbook identifies more than 60 distints methods, so I can highly recommend looking for the Multi-purpose methods and remeember that all methods was designed for a specific PURPOSE and CONTEXT.

Most collaborative practices do not really cover implementation because they assume the original organization can implement things by itself. So even collaborative practices tend to fail if you do not plan for implementation right from the start." (