Coleman Huges about the Legal Challenge against Critical Race Theory in Education

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"On his first day in office, President Biden reversed former President Trump’s Executive Order prohibiting trainings rooted in critical race theory. Many on the left praised the move as a step towards racial healing, and accused critics—even those on the left—of bigotry. However, critical race theory, which takes aim at color blindness and American capitalism and treats all disparities as systemic, warrants a debate on its merits.

Critical race theory has gradually crept into the administrations of universities, government agencies, and private workplaces. For many Americans, its introduction into K–12 education—both public and private—was a wake-up call about the spread of the ideology. Parents in particular fear the dissemination of illiberal ideas to their children under the guise of “equity”, and have begun to band together to challenge the movement at the state level.

On February 18, join Manhattan Institute fellow Coleman Hughes as he moderates a discussion with City Journal contributing editor Christopher Rufo and Emanuel S. Heller Professor of Law John Yoo on the legal landscape for those invested in the opposition, and what the legal battle may look like in the future."