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* Book: Code/unCode. Tracing Monastic Patterns . By UnMonastery.



“The first unMonastery opened its doors February 2014 in Matera, Italy. Drawing on a perhaps romanticised history of monasticism and the design patterns of a residential hackerspace, the unMonastery project seeks to develop the code for a new communal, protocolised approach to the development of a global community which is capable of moving in unison over the next century to challenge existing dependency chains and economic fictions. To avoid reinventing the wheel and reliving our slowly dawning understandings and mistakes, from the documentation of the Matera prototype we have amassed a core knowledge base that painstakingly evaluates aspects of our work and turns it into a workable, reusable toolkit: the unMonastery BIOS. This book is the latest addition to this growing cultural treasure trove. Code/unCode is the first volume of The Chronicles of the unRuly, the history and analysis of unMonastery as it has established its next hub of activity in Athens. In it, we turn to the professionals. It is based on a series of interviews with monks from the Trappist and Cistercian Orders, pairing each question and answer with a parallel testimonial in the form of fragments and dialog from the unMonastery journey. “