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= design environment with 3D and 2D CAD



"The CoCreate product family is a complete design environment with 3D and 2D CAD, integrated product data management (PDM), and collaboration software. CoCreate provides speed, flexibility, and responsiveness to change for customers facing short design cycles, one-off product designs, or companies demanding a lightweight design process:

  • Lightweight design process driven by an explicit approach to 3D CAD
  • Fastest way to create and modify 3D designs
  • Flexible approach for unexpected and radical changes to 3D designs or design teams, and flexible for working with multi-source CAD data
  • Scalable environment for all sizes of companies and products
  • Achieve faster design cycles by leveraging the strengths of an explicit approach to 3D product development
  • Confront unpredictable or radical design change with flexibility
  • Work with multi-source CAD data as easily as if you created it yourself
  • Eliminate resource bottlenecks with the flexibility for anyone to pick up designs and carry them forward
  • Automate processes and eliminate errors with ownership, revision, and state control
  • Provide open and controlled access with status updates and notifications
  • Leverage existing part and assembly designs with Search and Where Used, to speed product development
  • Orchestrate teamwork with effective management of 3D to 2D associativity, part comparisons, and engineering-related documents for co-located or distributed teams
  • Load product designs using lightweight models, ideal for the design of large assemblies and complex products"


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