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Research project by Aditya:

"The project aimed for the library to come across more prominently as a local-communal institution; supporting the development of social networks and relationships in the city.The project is supported by DOK, library concept center (, the local municipality and TUDelft ( The project further stresses on 'debate and communication' and 'user-generated content' as an important area the future library should engage in. The content of debate in this case being local developmental and governance related topics. I see the public library as an emancipatory institution, and the municipality as a regulatory one, designing the overlapping interaction (between the community and local government) is the challenge for me in this project. With a new town hall being built in the city, we are pitching the idea to the Delft municipality to provide a physical portal (tangible/ambient) that facilitates this feedback loop, most probably with a online component."