Co-Hab Athens

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= "An ongoing research-proposal on co-housing and collective ownership models for reclaiming affordable habitat quality in Athens".


Status: URL no longer available, project may be defunct.


"A practice-led research currently in progress has, through case studies in the neighborhoods of the center of Athens and using physical and online tools of participation, come up with the idea of a ‘common land bank’ as a stock for the future habitation & remediation of the urban quality of life in Athens.

The research investigates the possibilities of transition to a different model of ownership and the terms on which this scenario could be achieved, as an urban defense amid the changes in ownership and the redistribution of land which are taking place as a result of the financial crisis the last six years. A system of redistribution in the direction of collective ownership is being explored in terms of legal framework, theory, design and community building.

In collaboration with groups and initiatives across Europe, existing paradigms of co-housing, collective ownership and de-commodification of urban space are brought together in order to build upon them a realistic adaptation and implementation scenario for Athens."