Co-Creation Landscape

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The Co-Creation Landscape
The current co-creation landscape is broad and varied. The diagrams below outline several different models of collaborative creation that have been employed to help develop products and services. Below each diagram you will find a link to an organisation that represents an example of co-creation.
1. Large corporations who call for ideas by offering a one-off contest with prize money or a manufacturing run. Muji Design Award
2. Consultancies or agencies who set up and f<a href=""></a>acilitate the whole co-creation project to act as a bridge between a network of collaborators and a corporation. Companies such as us Sense Worldwide
3. Large corporations who call for agencies to submit ideas to then partner with or broker a deal. P&G with NESTA
4. Large corporations who outsource briefs to communities that are fostered online. Innocentive, Kluster, Crowdspirit
5. Large corporations that host an online platform where individuals submit ideas or requests based on the brand, which that business can then select for development. Cuusoo with Muji
6. Large corporations who engage with a community of advocates to co-create on an ongoing basis. Lego Mindstorms