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= Seminar "Citizen Politics: Are the New Media Reshaping Political Engagement?" Barcelona, May 28th-30th 2009



"According to many scholars patterns of political engagement have been changing in the last decades: the erosion of traditional forms of involvement, such as voting and membership in political parties, is accompanied by an expansion of participation repertoires, the rise of protest politics and more individualized forms of action. The research seminar will examine if the growing use of the new media is related to changing action patterns.

Although benefits of new media for political participation are being advanced by many scholars, we still need further work to integrate the online dimension in the literature on political participation, its explanatory models, and its related normative concerns. In this seminar we will discuss conceptualisation questions, cyber activists’ profiles, the role of other political and social actors, and methodological challenges concerning the study of new media and political engagement." (

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