Circular Economy Policies for Cities

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* Report: Less waste, more well-being with 10 moves. 2nd ed. Comuni Virtuosi, 2013



"The Comuni Virtuosi association launch the second edition of “ Less waste, more well-being with 10 moves ” to urge the world of manufacturing and retailing to take ten actions in the short and medium term, to reduce the environmental impact of their activities in the interests of circular economy . An operation of personalized communication will conduct to major companies in the consumer goods and retail chains to ask them commitment and transparency about their policy compared to 10 moves .

The document was signed by about 300 local authorities, many associations , such as the Slow Food Italy , Cittadinanza Attiva and Altroconsumo, as well as individual citizens.

The 10 moves to get less waste to increase well-being , rotate on a key concept , which is calibrated to corporate policies linked with circular economy . In fact, through these 10 steps , it essentially asking companies to restructure their stages of planning, production and distribution , in an innovative perspective that allows for greater environmental sustainability .

The systemic design is a key concept about this, which conceives a product as part of a system with which it interacts, and throughout its life cycle. This would allow to design and manufacture products that like output of one process becomes an input to another process. Designed in this way, the product, once exhausted its primary use, can be recovered, reused or recycled . The packaging of the product to be eco-friendly and sustainable products that adhere to the 10 rules , certified as adhering to the logic of recycling and circular economy ." (