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In response to your question Michel Bauwens:

Hi Mark,

thanks for the new material

I've added access to a new Wiki category in the right hand column

We only create new categories when we consistently want to maintain them 
(categories are not tags in our case, but rather our own taxonomy)


I understand wiki as a peer to peer technology. So in my RSS feed reader, I saw two wiki that were added to this wiki, I was intrigued to see if wiki was a category. It was not, so, because wiki is so flexible, I added the category. It does not fit the culture here to do that, for which I am still confused by, but so be it. I checked for a Taxonomy that you use here at this wiki, but the only thing I found was a long list, that I again was confused by. :-) Can you point me in that direction? Also, If I am going to be a maintainer of the Category:Wiki, which is cool, I would add WikiIndex and Zyprexa. Here is how I see the Taxonomy

P2P Technology

Best, MarkDilley