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Considering renaming to avoid confusion caused by USDA equating "User Owned" with "Worker Owned"

"User Owned" may not be the best term to settle on because, according to the following paper, the US Department of Agriculture defines "User Owned" to indicate the Users of the Sources = the Producers/Operators/Developers/Workers, while we intend to indicate the Users of the Objects = the Consumers/Customers/Object Users/Eaters. USDA’s Cooperative Programs has surveyed principles over a century and a half period and developed a practical and solid set of principles statements. Contemporary cooperative principles are: 1. The User-Owner Principle: Those who own and finance the cooperative are those who use the cooperative. The User-Control Principle: Those who control the cooperative are those who use the cooperative. The User-Benefits Principle: The cooperative's sole purpose is to provide and distribute benefits to its users on the basis of their use.

It is suggested this page and category be renamed - possibly to Consumer Owned to eliminate the confusion.

But it perpetuates confusion to talk of Producers and Consumers as though they are different sets. Every Producer must Consume, and every Consumer must Produce unless that Consumer is a 'dependent' of some other Producer (such as infants, elderly, invalids, etc.).

There is also the issue of 'surplus' or Profit that must be interpreted as an investment from the Consumer who paid it to insure freedom is continuously distributed so power does not centralize.

Title brainstorming:

  • Ceta Agen : "hlaf-ceta" is Old English (O.E.) for "loaf-eater", 'agen' is O.E. for 'own', so this is literally "Eater Owner"
  • Hlaf Weard : Weard is O.E. for 'warden', 'ward', 'guard', so this is "Bread Guard" and is also translated as "Lord" - which is commonly associated with ownership, as in "Lord of the Manor".
  • Consumer Investor
  • Incremental Investment
  • Customer Proprietor
  • Patron Property
  • Payer Possessor
  • Profit Chain
  • Continuous Distribution
  • Surplus to Sources
  • Client Capital
  • Cattle : c.1250, from Anglo-Fr. catel "property," from M.L. captale "property, stock,"
  • Stock
  • Steak Stake
  • Estate is the State
  • Exclusion Evolution
  • Rival Reduction
  • Self Vendor
  • Maximize Competition
  • Safely Abundant
  • Minimize Employment (reduce work, leisure is good)
  • Creative Construction (not "Creative Destruction")