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Chris Cook is a critic of a commons approach based on Trusts, preferring partnership frameworks that can be scaled globally.



  1. Introductory article by Chris Cook: If Not Global Capitalism - then What?
  2. See also: What is Open about Open Capital
  3. The article Open vs. Closed Corporate Partnerships conveys how it differs from the classic corporation.
  4. His approach is generally called Open Capital. See also: Cooperative Capitalism and Market 3.0
  5. His institutional proposals are outlined here: Energy and Heat Pooling, Community Land Partnership. They are based on a new legal form enabled in the UK: the Limited Liability Partnership
  6. According to Dmytri Kleiner, Chris Cook's approach has similar aims than Venture Communism and Modular Company models.


Dmitry Kleiner:

"Capital will not fund the development of social platforms unless those platforms are able to control user data and interaction, thus we have centralized platforms like Facebook and... Twitter, not because the engineers that work there could not imagine or build privacy-enabling, decentralized platforms, but that is not what profit seeking Investors will pay for. More generally, the word Capitalism implies there is a Capitalist class that abstains from production while appropriating surplus value from the product of workers who need Capital for production. As competition drives price to towards class, there can be no sustainable profits where competition is permitted, therefor no surplus value, therefor nothing to sustain a Capitalist class, therefor no Capitalism. Capitalism depends on privilege and title in order to permit capture and enclosure. Chris understands this quite well, what he wants to achieve with OpenCapital is not Capitalism. Just because you have capital and capital formation does not mean you have Capitalism, which is a specific mode of production based on specific social relations, chief among these is a class with privileges and titles that are used to exploit another, if you have no such class, you do not have Capitalism."