Catalonia Cooperative and Commons Contacts

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Compiled by Kevin Flanagan:

Ale Fernandez - We worked a lot with Ale he is a great person to work with and can help put you in contact with people in the CIC. In particular I would recommend getting in touch with Jordi and Roger who are involved in the exchange networks and alternative currencies and visiting them in Tarragona is well worth the trip. Phone - 00 34 615089975 [email protected]

It would be useful to speak with you about our experience with the CIC before you go so lets chat soon.

Ivan Miró - is very involved with the Solidarity Economy Networks in Catalunya we only met briefly but he would be good to meet with. Phone - 00 34 696653223

Susana Martin Belmonte - is connected with the new political party Barcelona En Comun who in this weeks elections have brought Ada Calou an anti eviction activist to become mayor of Barcelona. Susana is also working on a complimentary currency for Catalunya with the support of local and regional government. I only met with her briefly but Michel had a more extended meeting. Phone - 0034619245143 [email protected]

Mayo Fuster Morell - is an academic and activist who has been active in social movements in Catalunya with a particular focus on the Commons. We have worked with her on research projects and she is very engaged with the development of an alternative political paradigm in the region. [email protected]