Cases of Segregation Related to Group Identity Politics

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Case Directory

"Oct. 27, 2020 — Last week, two U.S. senators called on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged racial segregation in American schools. Today, an investigation by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reveals that Portland’s Lewis & Clark College also engaged in mandatory racial segregation in its first-year orientation program this fall. Furthermore, college leadership failed to take this problem seriously even after FIRE and one of the college’s own professors brought the unlawful program to their attention. Lewis & Clark enlisted a Portland-based “social justice activism” group to run a mandatory orientation workshop Aug. 29 where, in the name of providing “safe spaces” for discussion, students were required to choose whether they most identified as one of three options: “Black,” “Indigenous, Person of Color,” or “White.” Students were then divided by race into different virtual Zoom breakout rooms for separate educational experiences, unlawfully limiting their ability within the program to engage with students of different races. “Racial segregation is not only morally wrong, it’s illegal on our nation’s college campuses."