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= Rural Coliving in Matera, Italy

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Cat Johnson:

"The second benefit of coliving is that it can revitalize those who live and work in the space. In a home setting such as Casa Netura, the opportunities for conversation, connecting and collaborating extend far beyond those in a space that is solely for coworking. There are group meals, trips into the surrounding areas, bedtime chats, early morning brainstorm sessions over coffee and more. With rural coliving, the idea is to slow down and focus on the people around you, which can lead to serendipitous conversations, relationships, and breakthrough ideas.

Designed with social innovators, progressive thinkers and entrepreneurs in mind, Casa Netural is a space where visitors and locals work, relax and connect with each other. It’s a homey, open and casual environment in which people can refresh themselves, enjoy what the village and surrounding territory has to offer and get a new perspective on projects. The space coordinates regular get-togethers with the Matera locals and encourages the development of connections and collaborations, while getting some work done.

“With rural coliving, you go there because maybe you have free time or maybe you want to be more focused on one priority of your life,” Paoletti says. “It can be practical work but at the same time maybe you want to write an article or write a book or take just your own time to focus on other things, so you go there. That’s the reason for coliving.”

It’s easy to picture coliving and coworking at a place like Casa Netural, nestled in the magnificent Sassi but, as Paoletti points out, this model doesn’t work everywhere. He references places near where I live as examples: “San Francisco? No. Santa Cruz? Maybe. Big Sur or Napa Valley? Perfect.” The idea, it seems, is to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle; to find peace, relaxation and beauty in order to create with a fresh and inspired mind." (