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A Colombian and Spanish journalist currently residing in Madrid, where for two years she coordinated the educational and communications contents for the Spanish team of Discover the Cosmos, an European project of the 7th Framework Programme. This project aimed to engage secondary school teachers in the use of online, real, existing tools created for teaching Sciences through Astronomy, and to implement a more inquiry-based Science Education through peer-to-peer collaboration.

Although that experience was developed in the context of institutional, international educational projects, her personal interest in libre/open education and communications motivates her research and investigations in alternative experiences working within P2P communities. To that end, she has developed cultural and knowledge sharing projects at El Campo de Cebada (Madrid), including collectively organizing a Libre/Open University for both Summer 2013 and 2014, and initiating permanent, open educational content for El Campo's open, urban, public space.

She collaborates with Guerrilla Translation, and frequently contributes articles for La Marea, an emergent magazine based on a cooperative model. She also collaborates with 'La Aventura de Aprender' (The Learning Adventure), a trans-institutional project featuring shoot and share video clips about P2P experiences in Spanish speaking contexts."

2. Update 2015:

"In 2015, she's joined the team of Goteo/Platoniq, a platform that incentives the growth of the commons through crowdfunding. During 2015, she developed a project on peer-to-peer initiatives that are transforming public space through Southern Europe: 'P2P Plazas: a Southern European Network'."

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Contact via 'Twitter: @carmenlozano / @goteofunding