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= mapping data capture legislation



" a research project designed to help identify and understand the laws regulate the collection, use, and storage of data. The conversation around relationship between people, institutions, and data is confounded by how broad and complex it is. But as institutions increasingly base their decisions on data, whether big or small, the rules around its collection and treatment become more vital for us all to understand.

The Capture the Ocean Project will convene the world’s leading legal, privacy, and data policy experts to create a framework for identifying and comparing the laws that shape the information economy. We will publish these laws in easy-to-understand visualizations and maps, helping people understand the issues, services, and rules that are shaping the world around them.

This tool will help governments looking to trends in global policy, entrepreneurs launching web-based services, international development non-profits introducing technology into programs, journalists reporting on new technologies and privacy, and anyone with an interest in investing in the information economy." (