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= a free, open-source data management system



"CKAN is a free, open-source data management system. It is used to get data out in the open by local and national governments as well as international bodies, but it was originally designed for the more community-oriented use of which the DataHub is an excellent example. On the DataHub, anyone can create a dataset in a couple of minutes. Data can be uploaded or linked to elsewhere on the web. Different data ‘resources’ (such as files of any kind) can be collected together in a dataset, and annotated with information about their author(s), provenance, availablity for re-use, etc.

CKAN is agnostic about what kind of data can be published. A scientific paper might be catalogued as one dataset. The resources could be, for example: different versions of the printed paper (say, the author’s TeX file, and a PDF); a link to the paper’s page on a journal website; spreadsheets of experimental results; the source code you wrote to process the results; and others, such as separate image files of your graphs and diagrams. Of course, how much is included will depend, among other things, on which rights you haven’t signed away to the publisher." (

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