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= defunct, see for updates: Gaia Education


Daniel Christian Wahl:

"CIFAL Findhorn is an international training centre for local authorities and stakeholders, affiliated with the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR), funded by the Scottish Government, the Moray Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and the Findhorn Foundation. Since CIFAL Findhorn was established in 2006, it has offered a whole range of one, two and three-day seminars on topics such as ‘The Renewable Energy Revolution’, ‘Biofuels for Sustainable Transport’, ‘Urban Planning and Regeneration’, ‘Industrial Ecology and Eco-Industrial Parks’, ‘Low and Zero Carbon Housing’, ‘Mirco-hydro’, ‘Wood-fuels’, ‘Solar Energy’, and ‘Food Security and Bioregional Food Economies’.

An important distinction of these seminars is that they bring together public servants, business representatives, community groups and experts from academia and industry to engage in human- scale, participatory knowledge-transfer. Practical design projects, ‘open space technology’, and ‘world café’ methodologies are employed to maximize the way participants can learn from each other and network to effectively initiate new projects or affect policy at the local and national scale." (


Daniel Christian Wahl:

"CIFAL Findhorn later moved to Edinburgh and was renamed CIFAL Scotland. The centre ran until 2015 successfully and was closed down when the CEO, May East, stepped full-time into leading Gaia Education." (