Building a Cooperative Country in Wales

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= conference held in Wales in 2017


Pat Conaty:

"a Building a Co-operative Country conference has just been held which brought together activists from the housing co-op, energy co-op, social care co-op and community land trust sectors. There is also work underway in Wales on public banking opportunities with design ideas and links to credit unions and community development finance who are active in the collaborative work. Ellen Brown in the USA has been helping us and she spoke last year in really good events in London, Manchester and Cardiff. The conference this week in Cardiff had a strong mutual aid building ethos and this solidarity spirit was evident in the workshops and the plenary event.

But from what those at the workshops in Cardiff said this week fed back, a terrible weak spot is co-op education and promotion. Massive ignorance among politicians, policy makers, those in the social economy, the wider public and dare I say it, those in co-ops." (email, July 2017)