Building Man Cooperative

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= the Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative organizing the Building Man festival



"Building Man is a Multi Stakeholder Co-operative incorporated as an Industrial and Providence Society. They’re known as the Somerset Rules, and we couldn’t agree more.

Our brand new Building Man Co-operative is community owned and co-operatively organised.

We’re 100% participatory and radically inclusive, with an open membership and directors elected by stakeholders. By differentiating between stakeholder groups, new possibilities are opened for representation and participation at every level of engagement.

Shares are non-transferable, removing the possibility of speculation between investors, while Community Share Issues encourage membership and open new possibilities for crowdfunding the wider progressive movement.

Resource mapping and profit sharing between co-operatives is encouraged, greatly improving transparency and economic efficiency.

Co-operatives incorporated as Industrial and Providence Societies require limited administration and are relatively future-proof; easy to improve if new models emerge or our legal framework evolves." (