Building Democratic Alternatives Beyond Capitalism for Today and the Future

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* Book: Beyond Capitalism: Building Democratic Alternatives for Today and the Future. Edited by: Jeff Shantz & José Brendan Macdonald. Bloomsbury PUb., 2013



"Featuring essays by international scholars and activists from various spheres of the anti-capitalist left, the work features many examples from the north and the south, to cover both the historically-advanced and late capitalist economies. It discusses such initiatives as participatory economics, the Mondragon experience, worker cooperatives in Europe and Latin America, solidarity economy in South Africa, and more." (



Covered in the book are

  1. Especismo in Brazil: The FAG 64
  2. Especismo in Argentina: AUCA and the OSL 66
  3. The Argentinean model of “barter club” transmuted in Brazil 79
  4. The Ikerlan and Ideko technological centers 111 (Mondragon)
  5. The Social Economy in Venezuela: Between the Will and the Possibility 183
  6. Farming Cooperatives and the Emerging Solidarity Economy Alternative in South Africa 241
  7. Mapping solidarity economy food cooperatives 248 (South Africa)
  8. Kadishi Agricultural Cooperative 250
  9. Mathomo Mayo Organic Agricultural Cooperative 252