Building Consensus

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Book: Building Consensus: Conflict and Unity . By Monteze M. Snyder, with Cheryl Gibbs, Susan A. Hillmann, Trayce N. Peterson, Joanna Schofield, George H. Watson



Recommended by David Frayne:

"A guide for managers, staff, and boards on deciding together, this book provides guidance for strengthening the ability of groups and individuals interested in seeking agreement and common understanding for more informed decisions. It is intended for use by people who are using or considering using consensus processes in their workplaces, community organizations, schools, families or other social settings. A group or team may use consensus-building processes to strengthen their understanding of relevant concerns and potential consequences of a decision, even when a decision will ultimately be made by the "boss" or by a final vote. A group may settle some issues by using consensus decision-making, but retain other forms of decision making for other issues." (