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= web application which supports the local food movement. Enabling vege box schemes, community supported agriculture & food hubs through automating subscriptions, billing and delivery.

URL = http://buckybox.org [1]


"(Will) Lau has now created a web-based application, Bucky Box, for food box delivery companies like Ooooby (Auckland) to take care of the IT, administration and operational side of things, including subscriptions, packaging and delivery logistics, plus billing and invoicing.

He spent five months during 2010 trialling a prototype with Ooooby and officially launched the private beta of Bucky Box in May 2011.

Bucky Box is owned and incubated by Enspiral, which invests in startups tackling social and environmental issues, and is targeting local food distributors, produce box schemes, and food hubs who want to focus more on production and distribution and less on administration.

Other users include farmers wanting to sell directly to consumers, lifestyle business entrepreneurs and community organisations focusing on food security.

Bucky Box was named for Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller, an inventor, designer and humanitarians best known for his cheap shelter and transportation designs and inventions, including the Dymaxion car.

“Bucky Box is a social enterprise – a business pursuing social and environmental impact as a primary goal. We’re also working on our mission to create a better food system via community engagement while supporting other organisations working on the same goal,” says Bucky’s lead developer, Samson Ootowak.

The Bucky Box team is still working on a pricing model for the system. Currently a minimum of 67 percent of profits are donated to organisations committed to building better food systems. Some of these include The Dirt Doctor, Soil and Health Association of New Zealand and Australia's Food Connector Foundation." (http://www.idealog.co.nz/blog/2012/02/bucky-box)

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