Bryan Bishop

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= advocate for free/open source automated manufacturing projects



"Synopsis: free/open source automated manufacturing projects (post-scarcity, singularities, kinematic self-replicating machines), brain augmentation (implants, brainhacks, neuroengineering), brain compilers, transhuman tech, space tech, synthetic biology, depth-five readings of Wikipedia and way too many recursive searches (>25k).

Hey, my name is Bryan, I am 18 years old and living just south of Austin in Buda, Texas, enrolled in the local high school. Will be attending the University of Texas at Austin starting August 2008 (in manufacturing engineering and hopefully computational neuroscience in 2009-2010). You should see my (outdated) roadmap to see my projects, such as free + open source automated manufacturing, in vitro meat, asteroid mining, open source do-it-yourself genetic engineering and 'biohacking' kit, AutoScholar software, synthetic biology research, etc. I also run a blog called Transapient Musings. Stuff at the bottom of the page is most recent, scroll down for the goods."