Brigitte Kratzwald on the Notion of Time to Change

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Brigitte Kratzwald <[email protected]> wrote on Nov. 26, 2010:

"I'd like to add two thoughts to the discussion about the future orientation of the commons debate.

1. It is important to clearify the difference and the relations between "public" and "common".

2. Several times the argument was brought forward that there is a great urgency to act, that "we don't have time", possibly not enough time to make a change. I think this is a dangerous argument. Those who want the system not to be changed bring forward this argument too and use it for claiming for experts, saying that we don't have enough time for democratic processes. There is a proverb saying that, if you are in hurry, go slowly or stop and consider what to do or where to go. I think this is good advice also for our current global situation. Only to pause and not to continue as we do would make things better and give us the time to find new solutions. Creating commons is a tedious process, finding rules that fit for all takes a long time. When the commons shall succeed, we need to take this time."