Brighton Energy Co-op

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'The Brighton Energy Co-op is a community renewable energy project based in Brighton & Hove. The Co-op currently consists of a chairman, Will Cottrell, two directors, Damian Tow and Ross Gilbert and three advisors, Danni Craker, Jeremy Leggett and John Smith. The Brighton Energy Co-op aims to run and finance renewable energy projects in Brighton & Hove whilst benefiting the local community and the environment. They want to enable people to invest money into renewable energy projects that provide a small financial return to its members but also deliver environmental and social benefits. In the process they aim to make the running of renewable projects more democratic. This innovation history traces the development of the Brighton Energy Co-op from its conception (i.e. the coming together of three people in June 2010) through its development phase, with its numerous setbacks and comebacks (e.g. provoked by changes to the Feed-in-Tariff) to its share launch in May 2012. This is a story of persistence, determination and opportunism." (