Bridge Builders for Transition

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Joe Brewer:

“This concept of bridge-building across paradigms was developed by the Berkana Institute. I owe particular gratitude to Bob Stilger for bringing it to my attention. It is a powerful idea that deserves to spread far and wide.

On the left is the old paradigm with its food production, governance, commerce, and civic capabilities. As these old systems continue their decline it is absolutely essential that people remain in them as Stabilizers of the Old. Teachers must continue to educate our youth. Farmers must continue to grow our food. Utility companies must continue to protect us against the elements. And so on.

At the same time, there is a vital role for social innovators! These Creators of New Systems will design hybrid organizational forms that combine the economic strengths of for-profit companies with the social values and integrity of non-profit missions. They will decentralize energy production and invent clean technologies. And they will build the integrative institutions of government, education, and civil society that are capable of evolving in the complex ecosystems of our 21st Century planet.

Yet, another vital role is that of Bridge Builders for Transition. Those who can translate the new paradigm into the operational settings of legacy organizations will create new job categories that enable the stabilizers to keep paying their mortgages and put their kids through college while increasingly directing their productivity toward resilient design.” (