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= a set of free software and hardware to digitize books



"BookLiberator is a set of free software and hardware to digitize books: it lets you photograph all the pages in a book without harming the book. The resulting images can be processed with free, open source software to make user-friendly files in a variety of formats." (


"Please see the Ion BookSaver, which uses basically the same design as the BookLiberator but will be available at a cheaper price and sooner. You can read more about it in Ion's press release.

We have no affiliation with Ion and receive no compensation for mentioning their product -- we just want affordable book digitizers to be in the hands of as many book owners as possible, and Ion's product now looks like the best way to achieve that. We have suspended work on production of the BookLiberator, while we wait to see how Ion's BookSaver is received in the market." (

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