Bogota Mesh

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"Bogota-Mesh's main objective is to link free(libre) technology to offer a mass media totally open, being a platform that decreases the digital divide in Bogota, and help in the creation of an open, decentralized, communitarian, independent and autonomous network that can be used like tool to share out communitarian, social, cultural, and scientific projects.

Everyone is invited to join and connect to network, sharing out the project's ideology; with no restrictions access to free technologies interconnecting nodes, neighborhoods and areas, We want to build a independent network infrastructure where have space to local events of any kind together social and cultural activities, and spaces to share out free and open information. One of the main reasons is the possibility to interconnect free networks without the ISP restrictions.

We believe information access should be totally free. How would it be if everyone could communicate to another without be enrolled in a service? How would it be if our news, blogs, pictures, movies, radio stations would be maintained and created by the community?. The members of these networks can operate the services they need or the services they want to share out to community. This contact is quite different to monopoly models in telecommunications and software industry and other corporate sectors nevertheless offers a broader and communitarian content distribution."