Blueprint for Big Broadband

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Kevin Barron:

"1. The executives of almost every successful government initiative began by announcing a broadband plan and setting specific broadband goals.

2. Other governments have recognized that broadband is not a communications issue; it is an infrastructure issue that generates public benefits to economic growth, health care, education, and so forth. These governments recognize that broadband should not be left for the market because the profit maximizing incentives of private industry do not reflect the overall public welfare

3. One of the most popular models has been to require that big broadband network providers provide service on a wholesale basis to multiple retailers.

4. Another consistently successful theme is government?private sector cooperation in building broadband networks.

5. Except for Japan and South Korea, which are well ahead of the rest of the world in deploying fiber, municipalities are taking the lead on fiber deployment.

6. Most of the state government initiatives have focused on expanding low-speed broadband services to unserved areas, not big broadband."