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Tipology of Blog Comments' policies

" After collecting and surveying a great many examples of these from everything from personal blogs to huge mega-blog sites run by companies, I discovered that there were three basic flavors of blog policy:

1. Free speech zone. No holds barred. We only delete comments if they're spam or break laws (such as violating others' copyright by reprinting whole articles or uploading copyrighted videos, for example).

2. Discourse zone. Attack ideas -- but not people. We won't delete comments we disagree with, only comments that go after people in a disagreeable way when a commenter can't win on the merits of their argument.

3. Living Room Zone. I consider this site an extension of my personal living space. It's the part of my house that lives in the internet. Don't say anything to me here that you would not say to me face to face in my living room (although of course people vary widely in their enthusiasm for certain kinds of conversation, profanity, and hot topics at home, too)." (