Blended Conferences

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= Blended conferences have both online and face-to-face components.


George Siemens et al. at EduCause Review:

"Blended conferences have both online and face-to-face components. For example, a keynote presenter may compile an introductory or supplemental message, via a wiki or podcast, and enable corresponding conversation ahead of and following the conference event. The additional opportunities to engage with presenters and other conference attendees before, during, and after the conference constitute the primary attribute of a blended conference. Wikis can be used for sharing conference resources with attendees, as was done by the Ohio Digital Commons for Education 2007 Conference ( During its Global Summit 2006, used wikis for recording small-group discussions that followed each presentation ( EDUCAUSE offered podcast interviews with many of the presenters at its 2007 annual conference ( And Elliott Masie used similar blended approaches in his e-learning conference series, including a Second Life presence, wiki notes to capture conference proceedings, and podcasts before the event ( Capturing key ideas in a wiki or podcast extends the value of the conference well beyond the physical meeting. Conference members who are unable to attend certain sessions because of scheduling conflicts are able to review the content of the session—or additional content—after the event." (

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